Bionic is a American action ,Drama and Sci- fi movie released in 2024 This movie written and directed by Afonso poyart . This movie Based on Binic means Biology and Electronics,
Movie bigins with a 2 little gils who trained ourself with our father and mother .








But suddenly his mom death so his father take care of his girls The name of the girls are Maria and gabi , in the ypunger age  Gabi has a accident and her leg was badly injured so she decided to cut his leg and put bionic leg she do it , And then 12 years later she won the trofy in jumping sector in  olympic , but her sister was upset with him she want to be like her but she cant be , so she met a criminal and she live with her and she fell in love with him.foe a while .

But he was a criminal and he want to taking all the NIMS chip , for making a bionic Army and plan to add maria in our group so becaouse his brother told me about that so He gone and meet maria Maria said yea and He plan a accident of maria so that for his leg means bionic leg and he do her accident ,
And then maria got his bionic leg ,and he decided to work for her lover so his group make a plan to rob the police money and all his group was succeful to doing this but maria got upset beacosue her lover killed a cop so she decided to leave the group with our brother but her brother dont want , but she leave,
Next day His surprised him he say you both got sponser for a company and  you both are participating in the olympic but gabi cant be happy he got jealous to see the maria ,

And the day is come She ready for the jumping and both jump but gabi was black out becaouse his bionic temperature was so high and he gone for hospital and doctor taking him in coma .
Then the maria who superhero for all the customers and then she gone her home here all his family talk about the a cop came and asking about the accidient becaouse maria doing our accident with his hand , and the cop know about her .

Then cop was searching the criminal and tatoo mans who join his groups and then the criminal kidnaaped maria sister to get something done and call his maria to steal NIMS medicin , The maria do this for him and then she fight with him and she got injured and his brother git fully injured then here police came and stop this fight and maria run and thats the end.