Love Moctail 2 a kannad romantic Drama film , released in february 2022, this movie sequal to love mocktail 2020 , Here are the full story.








This story starts after some years of the accidentcly movie , Hero Adi he is not recover to his past of his wife dead with cancer , He try to move on of his life but he is full of her memories .

Adi strugglle obsserving his friends Vijay and sushma want to make happy adi . Adi loved a girl named joo but joo was a very bad girl joo dream her future with adi , but adi cant find a good job so her girlfriend joo leave him and sail dont call me again , but adi loved her so much and he cant explain so was very upset and drink too much then his friends cant see him so they decided to make a grilfriend to the adi and  then her frriend sent his girl friend name nidhi, and nidhi go to meet adi in a bar here they talk so much and then adi ask him for a ring caremoney and she said yes .

Then the new journey start of adi life so she makes food for adi give me gift and taking for his office and  drop him and pickup him she loved him deeply then one day adi birthday came so all of his friends wish them then his ex girlfriend joo call him and wish him but adi ignore her so joo call him and say to meet me so he take advice of his girl and going to meet her and here she want to live with her but adi say no i am commited then his girl say very bad things and they fight and then he leave her and live with nidhi,

he lived very happy with nidhi then nidhi got pregnent and gone for checkup and the he found cnacer here they were very upset and then the docter doing our job and treat him when possibly but the treatment is not working and nidhi died thats the story adi telling a girl and the girl want to love adi but adi say no i cant love anymore .

I hope u like it the story