King of kotha is bollywood action drama film written and directed by Abhilash josiye this movie released in 2023 in Hindi and malyalam languages .

Kotha is imaginary town ,who full of crime and the town was controlled by a gangster kannan bhai.







Raju , was a scared and imaginary person of kotha , Who keeping a low profile and run a small tea stall 
Kannan Bhai , Who hand of iron and rule the kotha , Drugs ,crime and alcohol who was controlled by him,

CI Shaul hasan - A brave police officer who come kotha to end the rule of kannan,
Woman and child of kotha - Injured during the kannan rule , they beleiave in the life without scare and crime one day,

Rule of kannan - Film was open by a strongest controlled by kannan, he runs a drug racket , And town affecting on drug and crime , peoples are live in scare , Unable to speak against him , 
Past of raju - Film slowly slowly shows the raju past , He catch a signal, his relation with kannan , and he will join this activity before but his changing is a mystery,

inspector Shahul came - Inspector shahul come in kotha , who break the kannan rule he swear , He indentify the resident scare, and he want to vote for our mission .
Role of raju - Shahul effort and obeserving , Raju leave our alone life , and present him our help , But his origin was unclear, He want to revenge of the kannan,
Showing his past -  through the medium of flashback and sound film slowly slowly show the relation between kannan and raju ,

His previous work and position explain the movie ,
Struggle and voilence - A stressful struggle came between shahul and raju , with the  help of raju shahul end kannan all his drugs and violence , He work a better futurre for kotha ,
This movie end with a fight between sgahul gang and raju gang with a perfect scene ,