Guardian is a  telugu action horror film released in 2024 this movie is very interesting lets see there story film begin with a busy town   Aparna who  looks a simple young girl , Seeing in hustle in our daily life she cathches a bad job ,she faces the problem in her releatioships and she feel helpless bad in our activity  .






One day when she came home from our work ,aparna suddenly make a mistake in a old shop . whose she cant see before a mystery thing an ancient talsim whose up a difficult map pull her in our side and she feel attraction on this and want to buy the shopkeepar a mysterious old woman , she warn him that the talisum fullfil the dream but one thing taken from u .

Aparna not listen her and she wish a promotion in just kidding , next morning she have promoted in her compnay , slowly slowly she understand that her wishes fulfill in the biggining she fullfil our dreams she fullfil our other wishes like a man who disturb  him he's gone.

As aparna wishes more the result will be more serious and accomplised , her nearby peoples who loved her are suddenly feel bad and suffer ,once a time when he want to get rid of a man ,the person suddenly death in accident.

Aparna feel that this power is profitable but its very dangerous   ,he found the secret clue and figure, who tell about the souce of the power .she try to know about it ,that the talism where founded and who make this.

She want to control our wishes and try to doing opposite side , but talism was very powerful and revegable , her situation was very bad and she feels helpless .

Aparna goes to a yogi for helping oueself , who tell them truth about talism , she know that talism have a bad soul , who use our power to fulfill our dream but this wishes come with a scary value.