A Quiet place Day One (2024) is a action, Sci-fi hollywood movie directed by micheal kiyosake the movie starts with a hospital here the lead actor Samira who was ill and a nurse who serve her and caring her one day samira goes outside of the hospital with the nurse here she wants to eat pizza but nurse stop her to eating Suddenly alien come from sky and land on earth on the all the peoples are scared and the alien kills so much peoples .







In the attack of alien samira and the nurse was both r separated and samira found ourself faint in a childplay store theater,when she woke up all the city all empty beacosue all the peoples are hide in our house and dont want to come outside of house , beacouse of alien problems are if they hear any type of sound they attck them so the peoples cant talk to each other they talk with hint or singnals.

And then samira meet henri who escaped from alien he teach her how to talk with hint and sign sp samira learnd this and use in our daily life one day she was attacked by the alien and his cat was run and then the cat found a man who sink in the water so the cat take the man near to the samira and they both walk with each other .

Samira take with our home here both are rest sometime and morning they leave their home and samira said i want to eat pizza so the man wants to impressed samira so they r going and taking a pizza in a shop and eat with samira they both enjoyed very much and then left home for leaving the city .

Beacouse a boat come to city to taking of them into another place so they make plan that they are going so the alien came with in the way so they escaped from them but cant save ourself so the samira decided to that i am stay here u go so samira breaking the cars glasses so the cars siren are sounding then  there partner go and take the ship and he save ourself and smira stya here .
Thats the story i hope u Like it the story.