The Huntsman and the wintres wars are a American Action/fantasy movie releasein 2016 this movie directed by Cedris nicolas, Troyon, 








Thw movie starts when Queen Revena Charlie bad magical womna who found our elder sister  pregnanat  And revana jeoulous of friya happiness and then he use our glass and show friya that her boyfreind was a fraud,

So friya used our power and she made ice all of directions becaouse of he been sad of his boyfriend and his son was died when born ,

Army of friya
Friya gone the north side of the planet and she inagurate  our new kingdom with icecubes and make a big army , Here she prepare a brave hunter mans where  first  to swear to dont love in our life , who's the sad reason of friya , In this hunters a Eric name brave and hrad hunder and jessica was a brave Archery woman , Who opposite of friya rule they both fall in love with each other ,

In the middle wheather the revana was weak beacouse of fight with a King , who wnat to get his power back , she search a magical glass of friya , who give permisiion to control friya feelings .
In the use of glass revana want to beliave that was snow white are alive , and she want to against with his sisters and want fight with each other, 

Arik and Reva know the plan of revana and he will try to warn them friya , But the effect of glass she gave order to catch and put in the jail.
Break the magic stop fight with both queens the eric and reva who run with in the jail,who taking help with snall mens ,who a magical way and give me signal of magical cave . In the zoo here is a magical stick in the stick have power to melt the ice and doing low the power of revana .

Eric and reva who want to got the stick so both are leave to travel with a risky way, and they open the false speak and froud to revana , So friya magic was break .

With the fraud of her sister revana friya fight with eric and reva  to stop them revana ,Struggle in the end both queens are fight and help with stick and power of revana friya got depheted,
Friya want to leave our icekingdoms and give order to love agian , Then eric and sara got married ,