Atlas is a hollywood sci-fi movie released in 2024 , the movie based on humans future ai .who a going to very advanced and taking humans position and making our robot . This movie written and directed brad peyton.








Atlas shepherd is a perfect Data scientist who know deeply about AI ,Who protect Ai form other enemy,
Atlas mother who bigin to AI , but she killed by AI and who AI killed she made him,and This ai name Harlen  , harlen upload diffrent code and change ourself and bigin to war with humans .

Harlen leave the planet ertah and gone to another planet and make a base on his planet ,
then militry officer found a ai and store in militry base and then atlas shepherd arrived here and found harlen through this ai then the officers plan going to kill harlen .

So atlas want to go with officers and she gone on the way all army and officers were attack by harlen aramy and get killeb by all of ofiicers and only atlas survived with his ranger and protecter Ai who save the atlas his name was smith .

then harlen army found atlas on his area and atlas was attacked but atlas was shack and fall in deep down ,then his leg was injured and her bone was break so the ai fix her legs then she wake up and gone again to near the rescue pod but on the way Atlas was again attack here atlas killed him and gone for harlen here atlas was kidnapped and defeat by harlen and harlen take the code of gate on the earth .