Moorkkan, Kazhuvethi (2023):
Moorkasamy (Moorkkan) and Bhoominathan (Bhoomi), the protagonists of "Kazhuvethi Moorkkan," have a childhood bond that dates back to their school days. The narrative follows as Moorkkan's parents try to keep them apart since Bhoomi is a member of a lesser caste. Bhoomi stands up against injustice and promotes education for his caste in spite of social constraints.
 Moorkkan remains resolutely by 

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 26 May 2023

Director - Sy Gowathamraj

Runtime - 2h 30mint



The opposition party supporting Moorkkan's caste runs a campaign to win votes as the election draws near, but when they try to put up a poster in another community's land, things get out of hand.

Bhoomi in this turbulent time. But the opposing party uses Moorkkan's father's power to create a sly scheme to kill Bhoomi, causing a rift between the pals. As a result of the plot, Moorkkan is falsely accused of killing Bhoomi, creating a complicated web of betrayal.

As the story progresses, Moorkkan learns of the planned conspiracy and decides to exact revenge on those who killed his comrade. Moorkkan confronts the forces responsible for the treachery in the conclusion, but the film ends tragically with Moorkkan being shot by a police driver who belongs to his own caste.

"Kashuvethi Moorkkan" deftly examines subjects like friendship, retaliation, and caste. The film is well-received by critics for its compelling story and for its insightful depiction of contemporary issues.
Other information about the movie includes the fact that it was directed by S.Y. Gowthama Raj and stars Santhosh Prathap and Arulnithi Tamilarasu. The movie, which has a duration of 126 minutes and a U/A classification, was released on February 10, 2023.