: "Float" (2023).
In the cinematic world of December 2023, a notable picture arises that does not originate in the glamorous realms of Hollywood but proudly bears the maple leaf of Canadian cinema. Under the brilliant direction of Sherren Lee, "Float" showcases the dynamic team of Andrea Bang and Robbie Amell, weaving a story around Waverly. This teenage protagonist goes on an emotional trip, spending her pre-university summer in the picturesque setting of a seaside village. Amidst the ebb and flow of the tide, Waverly forms a unique bond with Blake, the town lifeguard, while negotiating the complex problems of her relationship with her parents. The film's tapestry skillfully weaves together themes of self-discovery, interpersonal interactions, and the transformational potential of a summer vacation.

Release - 9 February 2024

Director - Sherren Lee

Runtime - 1h 40mint







For those ready to dive further into "Float," a fascinating narrative awaits. I am ready to peel back the layers of this cinematic work if you exhibit an interest.
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