: "Cosmic Showdown: The Interstellar Battle for Earth"
In an alternate reality, the Earth stands as a symbol of the aftermath of a massive cosmic battle that destroyed the Moon and significantly changed the planet's poles. Above this wounded Earth, an enormous spaceship has been repurposed into a massive stadium for the stunning and high-stakes game known as "Cosmoball."
Release Date - 27 August 2020
Director - Dzhanik 
Runtime - 1h 48mint







Cosmoball, a future sport that combines football and intergalactic skill, has become the focal point of humanity's final struggle. The fate of the Earth hangs in the balance as a team of great teenage Cosmoball players face dangerous extraterrestrial opponents who threaten to devastate the planet. 
Anton, a prodigious and dedicated Cosmoball player with an unparalleled skill set, is at the heart of this cosmic tale. His teleportation skills and strategic thinking make him the cornerstone of Earth's defences. However, as the stakes mount, Anton gains an unexpected ally in Anya, both on and off the pitch. Anya, Anton's love interest and a skilled teleporter, adds another layer of complication to the team relationships.

Cherno, a terrifying foe with a hidden hatred against Earth, waits in the shadows. Cherno's sinister schemes extend beyond the Cosmoball arena, and as the games go, his actual objectives become clear, posing a serious threat to not just the players, but the whole planet.

Belo, a smart and enigmatic scientist, emerged as the directing force.