Note is a comedy Drama bollywood film , released in 2019 the movie fulfill with romance .Kabir was a past army commander, who accept the service of a teacher in a small school in kashmir , school is suffreing very bad condition and the here students were unmotivated. 

During the cleaning of class kabir found a notebook this notebook refers the previous theacher firoz,kabir was curious and he read his privacy notes , , who open the gates of teaching the child and his wishes to teach him , he feel to connect with his soul , and love his words of notes .

Kabir used this notes for motivates the children , He accept his teching style , and where he start to give answer to his questions , he write our thinking and imagination to his note , So they have make a bond with each other.

As well as kabir knows deeply about firoz, he know the secret thing about our family , this mystery connect to the firoz family .
The story turns when kabir decide to searching the firoz , he travel the town , and knows that he were engaged with anyone, and he knows that his family were killed very badly .

This time the firdosh return to school to searching his notes, she found the note with kabir answers and understand that she fell in love with him but she never see him how he looks like .
I hope u watched this movie this movie is very interesting i suggest u to watch this movie thank u.