Love mocktail is a 2020 Indian kannada romantic drama film directed and written by darling krishna in his directorial debut,  It is 2 type of sequal movie this is the first part . The movie start with a lady who searching washroom in a mountain area then the hero is came in the way and he saw her and stop for drink coconut water .







The girl are searching restroom so she reached a home here 4 to 5 gundeys are smoked so she asked him for bathroom and they told him and when she going the gundeys are record with his camera then suddenly she saw the camera and ran away for this place but the gundeys catch her and want force then adi came and fight for her and save her and she flat to him then both are going to home on the way .

Adi told our full life story and love story in front of her , she want to listen so she ask tell me so adi when i was kid i am going to tuition here are my first crush name i dont know so he fell in love with her and want to tell him but she reject him and then adi move to next story when he was in collage here he found his love name joo and he live with her about 5 years then she leave him he said i kissed her and talk so much beacouse he love her so much,

Then she leave him so adi friends meet him a new girl name nidhi she was very perfect for him becaouse she was nice ,beautiful and brave she loved him so much and they married and live together with happy then suddenly he know that she have a cancer in her breast so he was so upset and saw hrer to a doctor doctor treat her but its not work and his wife dead this is the story then he take her to his wife body and show them here she ask him for love but he said no i cant love anymore .