Kalki 2898 AD is bollywood action,Sci-fi film Directed by Nag Ashwin this movie is very interesting the movie based on india ancient story kalki , The movie starts in the war of mahabharta here ashwathama killed pnadavs sons becaouse he loss the fight so here Shri krishna came and fight with ashwathama and curse him that u beg of death but its not come so ashwathama ask and feel guilty and say sorry so shri krishna said when the i am reborn in the ironage then u save me so the curse was break and you die.










The story starts a tailor who take lots of people to varansi beacouse varanshi was the last city of earth and here rule a cruel king name supreme yaske the peoples come so here the guard were divided boys and girl so a girl hide and a old man save him and  take him to our team but here he was attacked and the army catch him and taking him to the commander of the varanshi city here the commander killed both of the persons then saw the girl and a boys and give order to catch him and put reward 5000 units the girl was escaped from the officers but the men was catched .

And then here come the hero of the movie name prabhas and he want to cathc him beacouse of units and here he fight with himselfs and killed them all of guys and take him to our office here he live in a rented house so his boss was ask for room rent but he dont pay him and then here two or four criminals are come and ask him for money but he cant give anyone and then here his girlfriend come and fight with criminals and then they doing romance then his girlfriend says i am going to work on complex so the heros dream was to go oneday in coplex .

Let me tell u complex is the home like a planet here live all typs of humans and enjoys our life its expensive so the hero collect the units for going to complex then oneday his girlfriend take him into the complex here he enjoy our day and then he do mistake so the guards are fire him in the ground floor .

In the complex a girl who was pregnent and she have the god in her body,so the supreme yaske wants to take her bbya for our use , in the use of her baby he will be powerfull and strenthful so the girl was escaped from the supreme yaske and gone to a gang name rebel mens here they protect him then the aswathama was wake up and he taking our diamond and he will be powerfull and he protect the girl from the attacks and going with her and then the hero came and wants to kidnapped the girl beacouse the girl have big bouty so the hero come in the complex and then he fight with aswathama and cant win.
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