Rebel moon is a Hollywood sci-fi film It is very interesting movie it based on a village and a Spacecraft .
Lets know about its story The story accidently move forward of The Rebel moon :A child of fire (2023)
Cora fight together with a especially man , and who save from the war he lived in a suspect house.
New Problem:
The film focus on cora and his enemy so who save the matajagat from the enemy and lived in Weldor house for protecting the village,The army of Matajagat Empirial, Who control a Admiral name Aticus nobes, who searching name pratisodh and his goal to arresting the Cora .


Sofia Boutella

Ed skrein

Charlie Hunnan

Charlotte Maggi

Anthony Hopkins

The prospectus who face the war of the bigggest army, and he makes a plan for a new life .
A Development
The warrior face our past and his feelins about his life , so that he makes stronger to fight the next war.
The movie Cora and Matajagat do check the past story of the cora,we can see that the prospectus and enemy alaways ready and make freinds when the war is come,
This movie belongs to  a war of the village , and freedom of the peoples and probability to alive the story of Cora,
this show the power of strength,that one man army and common mans power will be able to defeat the whole army and Kill the our enemy.