Shaitaan" (2024) emerges as a notable Bollywood release, deriving influence from the 2023 Gujarati film "Vash." Let's examine the movie in greater detail:

The Shaitaan (2024) title

Genre: Thriller Supernatural Horror

Director: Bahl Vikas

Production: Jio Studios, Panorama Studios, Devgn Films


Ajay Devgn

Madhavan, R.

Janki Bodiwala,


Raaj Anngad

The story revolves on a couple (Ajay Devgn and Jyothika) and their two kids, who appear to be an ideal family. Their lives are rocked when an unfamiliar stranger (R. Madhavan) enters their tranquilly. He breaks into their house and starts playing with the little daughter (Janki Bodiwala), taking advantage of her inner darkness and using it against her own family.
The Battle Between Good and Evil: As the family fights against evil forces invading their life, the movie explores the ageless topic of the never-ending conflict between good and evil.

Family Bonds Under Pressure: As the dark story progresses, the resilience of family bonds is put to the test, illustrating how outside factors may put strain on even the tightest of bonds.

The Vulnerability of Innocence: The movie explores the brittleness of innocence, showing how deceit may take advantage of a little daughter's innocence and turn her into an instrument for evil.
Extra Information
Psychological Investigation: "Shaitaan" delves into the psychological fallout from deception, illuminating the possibility of evil even in those who seem normal at first glance.

Positive Reaction to the Original: The Gujarati film "Vash" was well-received for its gripping story and outstanding acting, which paved the way for the Hindi remake to do the same.
Faithful Adaptation: "Shaitaan" is anticipated to be faithful to the spirit of the original, but certain changes may be made to accommodate the tastes and sensitivities of the Hindi-speaking audience.

Release and Reviews: Since the film was recently released in 2024, it's possible that in-depth analyses and thorough storyline synopses aren't easily accessible just yet. But the material that is available gives a thorough rundown of the plot and thematic components, giving fans of horror-thriller films an intriguing idea of what "Shaitaan" has to offer.

In the days ahead, it will certainly become more evident how "Shaitaan" is received and how it affects the Bollywood horror genre as viewers immerse themselves in its otherworldly world.