Plot: Bradley Cooper's character, Stanton Carlisle, is presented as an aspirational carny with a murky and turbulent history. He joins a touring funfair headed by the vicious Ezra Grindle. When Stanton connects with Toni Collette's character, clairvoyant Zeena Krumbein, his adventure takes a sinister turn. Greedy and ambitious, Stanton enters the field of mentalism to take advantage of his rich clientele.

Genre - Horror Drama

Rubtime - 1h 40mint

Initial Release - 17 february 2023

Director - helen








Stanton uses lying and manipulation to move up the social ladder, weaving a complex web of lies. The movie tells the terrible story of moral deterioration and what happens when Stanton pursues riches and power. 

"Nightmare Alley" delves on a number of intricate themes:
Ambition and Deceit: The movie explores the effects of unchecked ambition and the extent people will go to in order to succeed.
Illusion and Manipulation: The film examines the craft of illusion and the psychological effects of manipulation on both the deluded and the perpetrator, set against a backdrop of carnival and mentality.
The attractiveness of riches and Power: Stanton's path highlights the danger and attractiveness of the American Dream by being driven by a desire for riches, prestige, and power.
Psychological Exploration: The movie explores psychological themes including anxiety, the need to have control over one's destiny, and the blurred boundary between truth and illusion.

Bradley Cooper's character Stanton Carlisle is a carny with lofty goals and a troubled history. He joins a travelling funfair owned and operated by Willem Dafoe's vicious character, Ezra Grindle. Ever the aspirant one, Stanton begins as a mentalist's helper but picks up the skills fast.

He becomes connected with Toni Collette's character, clairvoyant Zeena Krumbein, who was formerly successful in her mentalism act. She teaches Stanton the tricks of the mind, which he employs to fool affluent clientele. His career and notoriety grow quickly, and he finally becomes a main attraction.
Stanton encounters influential people on his voyage through the realm of illusion and deceit, such as psychologist Lilith Ritter (Cate Blanchett), who has an enigmatic