"All India Rank" (2024) transports viewers to the late 1990s while narrating the moving story of 17-year-old Vivek Singh, who comes from a small community. Sent to Kota, Rajasthan, the centre of IIT-JEE prep, India's engineering equivalent of MIT, Vivek becomes the centre of a story that deftly balances personal fears, scholastic difficulties, and the complex web of friendships and first loves.

Release - 29 February 2024

Director - Arun grover







Within the harsh and demanding atmosphere of Kota, Vivek must navigate an unrelenting quest for greatness, epitomised by the coveted "All India Rank." The film skillfully delves into the hopes, desires, and difficult challenges of youngsters caught up in the web of this competitive quest.


Educational Pressure: "All India Rank" explores the intense pressure that Indian students face as they work to achieve
Pressure from Education:

"All India Rank" explores the intense pressure faced by Indian students in their pursuit of highly sought-after admissions to elite engineering schools. The video highlights the possible toll this ambition may have on mental health by exposing the sacrifices and unshakable devotion required.

Transitioning into adulthood:
The complex brushstrokes of self-discovery are painted on Vivek's story. His journey of discovering his identity and dealing with the unavoidable growing pains of puberty is depicted in the movie. It turns into a moving examination of the journey from childhood's cocoon to the challenges of maturity.
Expectations from parents:
The delicate tango between a child's unique dreams and the goals of their parents is unravelled in the film. Vivek's parents, representative of conventional Indian parents, represent the desire for
companionship and friendship:

In the middle of the fierce competition, Vivek creates a fabric of deep bonds with kids who experience the same hardships as him. "All India Rank" emphasises how important support networks are for surviving the challenging academic environment.

Vivek Singh is a protagonist who comes from modest beginnings and personifies perseverance and desire. The movie centres on his struggle to fit in with Kota's demanding academic atmosphere and, more crucially, to forge his own path in the face of outside influences.
Vivek's parents: Symbolising the common desire for a safe and prosperous future for their kid, Vivek's parents embody the stereotypical picture of traditional Indian parents. The subtle relationships between the child protagonist's personal goals and his or her parents' expectations are gently explored in the movie.
Friends: Vivek creates relationships in Kota that go beyond the cutthroat environment. During the most trying times of Vivek's academic career, these connections form the cornerstone of his support system and feeling of community, giving him comfort and a sense of acceptance.
All things considered, "All India Rank" (2024) seems as a complex tapestry, finely woven with the strands of learning, development, and the everlasting ties that show the way towards an unattainable greatness.