India's Untold Heroine: Ae Watan Mere Watan (2024)

Title: "Oh My Country, My Country" (Ae Watan Mere Watan).

Drama in the historical biographical genre

Release Date: March 21, 2024, saw the debut on Amazon Prime Video.

Kannan Iyer, director

Karan Johar is the producer.

Principal Actor: Sara Ali Khan


"Ae Watan Mere Watan" tells the breathtaking story of Usha Mehta, a brave young lady whose heroic efforts left an enduring impression on India's quest for freedom during the Quit India Movement. The story is set against the turbulent background of Bombay (now Mumbai) in the turbulent year of 1942. 
Initial release - 21 March 2023

Runtime - 2h 20mint







A passionate college student named Usha Mehta sets out on a voyage of rebellion against British colonial control in the bustling streets of Bombay. Accompanied by her unwavering partner Kaushik and fellow scholar Fahad, Usha boldly descends onto the streets in demonstration, emulating the passionate calls for liberty that resonate across the country.

With the arrest of Mahatma Gandhi and the imprisonment of other notable leaders, the shadow of tyranny has become much larger over the country, necessitating creative resistance. Usha comes up with the audacious idea to launch an underground radio station that would covertly transmit the words of freedom into her fellow citizens' homes in the middle of this turbulent crucible.

The stakes keep rising. The video tells a compelling story of Usha's tenacity, ingenuity, and the unrelenting pursuit by British soldiers who want to silence the sound of freedom.


The song "Ae Watan Mere Watan" strikes a chord with themes of patriotism and the unwavering will of individuals in the pursuit of national liberty.
Importance of Individual Contribution: The movie emphasises the value of individual contributions to the overall fabric of a group battle via Usha's valiant efforts.
Resourcefulness and Resilience: Usha exemplifies these qualities in the face of difficulty, traversing perilous seas with steadfast resolution. 

The Transformative Power of Communication and Media: Through presenting the covert activities of "Congress Radio," the movie highlights the media's and communication's ability to influence public opinion and inspire group action.
Evaluation Criticism:

With praise from both reviewers and viewers, "Ae Watan Mere Watan" has gained recognition for its moving depiction of a little-known period in India's struggle for freedom. Sara Ali Khan's outstanding portrayal of Usha Mehta has received special recognition for shedding light on the remarkable bravery of a historical figure who is often overlooked.