"2.0" (2018): A Marvel Science Fiction Spectacle
"2.0" appears as a sci-fi action extravaganza weaved with themes of fantasy and environmental conscience inside the colourful fabric of Bollywood. This visually spectacular epic, directed by S. Shankar, takes viewers on an exhilarating journey across the worlds of technology, morality, and the repercussions of human behaviour.

Genre - Sci/fi

Release - 29 November 2018

Director - S. Shankar

Box office - 1080 crore 

Runtime - 2h 27minr








The story revolves on eminent scientist Dr. Vaseegaran and his brainchild, Chitti, a humanoid robot. The calm is broken by an unknown force that causes cellphones to explode and form into a massive bird-like creature that is under Pakshi Rajan's control.

a spiteful ghost. Rajan wants revenge, blaming human meddling from cell phone radiation for the reduction in bird numbers.
Dr. Vaseegaran, called upon to put an end to this pandemonium, reactivates Chitti and assigns him the mission of facing the terrifying bird. As the narrative progresses, it becomes clear how Chitti came to be sentient, leading to a conflict between his internal wants and his preprogrammed commands as well as an outward battle against enemies.

In an attempt to preserve the city and bring balance back, Rajan is up against Chitti and Dr. Vaseegaran in the pivotal confrontation that follows.
Themes of technology Impact: "2.0" explores the effects of technology development, namely the harm that mobile phone electromagnetic radiation does to the environment.

Visual Extravaganza: The film's canvas is painted with striking action scenes and visual effects, resulting in a captivating cinematic spectacle for viewers.
Performances: Akshay Kumar is excellent as the tough adversary Pakshi Rajan, while Rajinikanth gives a remarkable performance as both Dr. Vaseegaran and Chitti.

Reviews were mixed, with praise for the film's ambition and technical skill balanced with criticism of the way the story was handled.
costly Venture: "2.0" was a tribute to the grandeur and scope of the production, and at the time of its premiere, it was the most costly Indian film ever made.

"2.0" invites viewers into a world where technology and morality collide and the effects of human ingenuity are felt via environmental instability as its narrative fabric is revealed. With its unique fusion of cerebral topics and spectacular cinematography, "2.0" leaves its imprint as a cinematic masterpiece in the annals of Bollywood.