"Oxygen" (2017) is an engaging action thriller in Telugu that breaks away from the South Indian cinema genre. The story takes place against the backdrop of a peaceful village, where rich landowner Raghupati (Jagapathi Babu) lives with his family and creates the appearance of tranquilly. But disaster befalls them all, when one of Raghupati's brothers, Sripathi, is killed in a horrific murder carried out by unidentified perpetrators.

Genre - Action/Romance

Release - 30 November 2017

Director - Jyothi Krishna







Fearing for his family's safety, Raghupati takes a crucial choice to ensure the future of his daughter Shruti (Rashi Khanna). He arranges her marriage to an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) in an attempt to provide stability and keep her away from any threats. Enter American NRI Krishna Prasad (Gopichand), who comes for the prearranged marriage.

In contrast to popular belief, Krishna reveals himself to be a shining example of kindness and morality. He quickly becomes friendly with Shruti's family, but behind his innocent fa├žade lurks a hidden objective.

The story takes an unexpected turn when Raghupati's adversary Veerabhadram attacks the struggling family once more. At this point, Krishna reveals his hidden agenda, which is a grudge against the Tiger Brand cigarette corporation.

The terrible story of Sanjeev, Krishna's brother, who died of lung cancer caused by the sneaky opium mixture found in Tiger Brand cigars, is revealed through intricate flashback scenes. Sanjeev and his microbiologist lover Geetha were seeking revenge.But Raghupati's siblings, the covert owners of the Tiger Brand, brutally murdered Sanjeev's parents as a result of their pursuit of justice.

Driven by a powerful mixture of vengeance and a deep-seated desire to protect his family from the evil that killed his brother, Krishna faces the sinister secrets kept behind the halls of power. A gripping battle between Krishna and the dishonest merchants sets up the dramatic finale, which has graphic action scenes and a resolve that addresses the underlying social ills. "Oxygen" immerses the viewers in a world where justice and revenge clash, creating a lasting impression on the story as the layers of deceit are lifted.