"Lantani" (2024): An Anthology Reveals the Realities of Small-Town India
Released on February 9th, 2024, "Lantani" is an anthology film comprising three unique storylines set in India's tiny towns and rural settings. The video deftly blends together stories that cover a variety of issues, providing a nuanced view into the complexities of living in less-traveled parts of the country.









A brief overview of each story:

Gurvinder Singh's "The Road to Mandalay"

In this part, an old, sick man and his son travel on a journey to Bodh Gaya, hoping to realise a cherished desire. Gurvinder Singh's story digs into the difficulties of family connections in traditional Punjabi society, revealing the nuances that determine their path.
"Birani" by Bhaskar Hazarika:

"Birani" tells the story of a group of jobless kids in Assam who come across an economic opportunity: selling street cuisine. However, their goals clash with cultural expectations and hidden prejudices, putting light on the difficulties of negotiating unemployment and societal pressures.

"Sanitised Samachar" written by Kaushik Ganguly:

In this section, a faltering news channel on the verge of shutdown suddenly acquires a sponsor: a sanitizer brand. However, the sponsorship is not without conditions, raising ethical concerns and providing insight into the media's complex connection with advertising and corporate influence.
"Lantani" gives a realistic picture of the difficulties encountered by regular people in small-town India. The anthology addresses themes such as unemployment, familial pressures, and social preconceptions, providing a reflective representation of the hardships that these people face.

The film also digs into its protagonists' hopes and goals, demonstrating the indomitable human spirit of resilience and tenacity. Each tale demonstrates the dedication of those seeking for a better life despite the obstacles they confront.