"Bhakshak" (2024): Unravelling A Gripping Story of Justice and Courage
The Indian Hindi-language criminal thriller "Bhakshak" had its Netflix premiere on February 9, 2024, directed by Pulkit and produced by Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma under the Red Chillies Entertainment label. The film, which stars Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Sai Tamhankar, and Aditya Srivastava, is based on the tragic Muzaffarpur shelter case and sheds attention on the harsh reality of child sexual abuse. "Bhakshak" is a riveting story about Vaishali, a gutsy journalist, and her never-ending search of the truth.

Genre - Action,Drama

Release - 10 february








The picture has received considerable praise for its outstanding performances, skillful direction, and a narrative that keeps the audience's interest. It has been applauded for confronting the serious problem of child sexual abuse with brave truthfulness.

Plot summary:
Vaishali, an ambitious journalist seeking notoriety, seizes an opportunity to explore a horrific tale about a girls' shelter in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, which is controlled by a strong politician. Despite her early concerns, Vaishali's drive to discover the truth leads her on a difficult path.

During her research, Vaishali meets the victims, young girls who have suffered at the hands of shelter employees. Horrified by the disclosures, she vows to bring the offenders to justice.

As Vaishali investigates more, she confronts the prominent politician in charge of the shelter house. Despite threats and bribery attempts, Vaishali persevere in her quest of justice. Her unrelenting determination results in the arrest of the politician and his cronies, marking a great win for justice. The girls who have been abused finally have closure, and Vaishali emerges as a hero, lauded for her uncompromising commitment to the truth.

"Bhakshak" not only captivates viewers with its thrilling storytelling, but it also acts as an effective catalyst for conversations on child safety and justice. Through its moving story, the film promotes a larger cultural conversation about confronting and battling the serious issue of child sexual abuse.