Rocketry : The Nambi Effect " is based on the life story of Nambi narayan . A indian space engineer and scientist the ones who are falsely accused of espionage . This movie written and Directed by Madhvan , Who r debu his movie , Cast Simran banga as Bagga Nalini, and Rajit kapoor as Vikram Sarabhai , who known was the father of Indian space agency.

Genre - History/Sc-fi

Release - 1 july 2022

Director - R . Madhvan

Budget - 25 Crore 

Runtime - 2h 37mint




R. madhvan



Shahrukh Khan

Misha Ghoshal 

rajit kapoor


This film opens Indian first important components of the croyojonic engine . He is dedicated to his work and believe that India can do imporatnt work on space sector, However His work stop on and said that u sell the mystery of croyojonic engine to pakistan  ,

Nanmbi are arrested and he faces the difficult problem when enquiry, Ultimately he released on bail. but his institution becomes corrupted and he lost his job and he excommunicated by his community, Despite the challenges , Nambi don't leave our intentions to make a indian rocket . he fight for our name and and institution to clean the all false accusation,  with his wife and his friend vikram sarabhai.

This film shows 35 years of Nambi and depiction his struggle for justice , They show how he struggle and succes to prove our innocence, This film rise the scintific equipments and important of developments , A country development.