"Echo " is a  2024 Hollywood Marvel web Series Some Important points this web series is a Spin off "Hawkeye" This series is show  first time in Disney+ Hotstar . thats why its quiet fresh . Here know the full movie details. 

Genre - Action/Drama

Release - 9 January 2024

Network - Disney lulu

Type - Web series 




Alaqua Cox

Vincent Onofrio

Devery Jacobs

Charlie cox 

Chaske Spencer


This series Maya Lopez , which is known as a echo she follow the story . A deaf native American man who immitates the movemants of another person. we see before Hawkeye when she work on Kingpin gang . And then now Echo . It delves into the backstory , when he returns our birthplace to confront his past, and Bonding the native American Man , and she confront the death of her father and pass through the chest.

Maya understand our family inside dynamics and fears. She fights with  varous desires and seeking the revenge between kingpin and healing from her horrofic experience.

We understand more about Maya deafness and how it attracts her world perspective and capabilities.
She again join her native American gang and see how make it impact her identity

In series the function of element when Maya faces the challenges and she impact our physical and emotional body and fights the backstory of our past.
Alaqua cox role the Maya in series